Event Types

Event Types



Sent once per second while the player is in combat.
Load https://ngld.github.io/OverlayPlugin/assets/miniparse_debug.html in an overlay for a full list of available fields.


Emitted for each log line. Uses the network format (each part is separated by a |).

Field Description
line An array that contains the split parts.
rawLine Contains the unprocessed log line as a simple string.


Emitted once per second during log import.

Field Description
logLines An array that contains the individual log lines as simple strings.


Emitted each time the player logs in or moves to a new zone or instance.

Field Description
zoneID The ID of the current/new zone.


Field Description
charID The player’s actor ID
charName The player’s character name


Sent each time the online status of the player or a nearby character changes.

Field Description
target The actor ID to which this status belongs
rawStatus The new status (i.e. 12)
status A human readable string describing the new status. Possible values: Online, Busy, InCutscene, AFK, LookingToMeld, RP, LookingForParty


Emitted each time the party composition changes and probably also on zone changes. The event only has one field, party, which contains the list of party members. The fields for each party member are explained below.

Field Description
id actor ID
name character name
worldId self explaining
job job ID
inParty true if this character is in the player’s party.


Emitted whenever any overlay calls the broadcast handler.

Field Description
source A string specified by the sender.
msg The actual message


	call: 'broadcast',
	source: 'testOverlay',
	msg: {
		oneKey: 'test',
		someOther: 'key',
		anyValid: ['json', 'value', 123],